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About Us

We believe that the necessary ingredients to create an ideal moving company are-

Advanced technology

Most efficient equipment

Professional personnel for each service

And years of wide experience

A1A is made out of all those ingredients and proud to provide highly exclusive services and care for our nationwide customers.

Our main branches are located in NY, NJ, Florida, California, Chicago and Boston and our experts are driving throughout the country on a daily basis, to complete a successful move for each of our clients.

For years our moving company have learned about the needs and necessities of every move and explored the challenges each move entails. Therefore, we created special services that will provide the solution for each problem and challenge and provide our client with the option to enjoy a stress free move.

Moving services like our "packing service", which will eliminate the hassle and time-consuming task. Our packing service can also include unpacking and create a fresh unique moving experience.

Our storage services are also based on our years of experience and the storage conditions and all the elements our storage service offers are creating a safe and efficient storage solution.

As part of our moving services our A1A experts will explore each item and spot antique items and items that are close to your heart. Those items will be packed and moved in a rigorous method as part of our Antique item moving service.

Packing, storage or antique services are only few of our services that are all provided by professionals with guidance and availability of our experts.

Starting from your first call, email or meeting with us, our experts will follow you through the details and use their professional training and the experience they have in each of our many Moving services to tailor the most suitable moving service and plan for you. We will explore every aspect of your moving needs, from proper packing and insurance, to transporting your pets and vehicles.

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