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Doral Local Movers

Relocating from or to Doral Florida? Choose a local, family friendly service for you relocation. Doral local movers has served plenty of Doral residents since late 19’s. Our local Doral team is well familiar with the area and will provide you with services that fit your needs. Doral Local movers will relocate local or domestic, home or business or another type of relocation you may need. Our well operated local Doral location are equipped with advanced technology and new modeled vehicles for a smooth and easy relocation

Residential Moving - Doral Florida

Doral Florida is known for its family friendly environment and Doral Movers is no different. Doral moving local team will provide you with a calm and smooth moving experience that will give you the drive for no less. From moving apartment to large houses our local Doral movers are well trained to give you the best experience during the process. Prior to your move Doral Local movers can provide you with a visual estimate or can professionallyquote you wirelessly and punctually. For an easy move, Doral Movers will also educate you and guide you regarding your move and help you get to the exact results you pictured in your mind.

Additional services for your home/apartment move.

  • Full packing and unpacking service
  • Storage service
  • Quality Plus packing
  • Luxury moving
  • Padded blankets for furniture and electronics
  • Disposal

Small Business Moving – Doral Florida.

Whether it’s your first business relocation or one after many, Doral Local Movers guarantees you an experience like never before. Doral local team is trained specifically for business relocation to be done with short time and efficiency so your business can get back to business. As a company, our team understand the urgency to relocate businesses as quickly as possible. Doral trained team will get you maximum results in minimal time. Doral Local movers is devoted to your move and will personal design the relocation to your specific needs. Based on your instruction our local team will happily serve you to your best interest.

List of small business for example,

  • Office space
  • Coffee shops
  • Art shops
  • Bakery shops
  • Clothing/shoes stores
  • Optical shop
  • Small medical offices

Storage and Moving – Doral Florida

Doral Florida Local movers offers you a specious storage to accommodate all you’re belonging in process of your move. Our 150,000sq. ft storage is locally located in Florida and can accommodate all your belonging for as long as your wish. Doesn’t matter the reason or time, we guarantee to care for your items in a safe secured and temperature controlled environment. If you choose to take a break while moving or your space is simply not ready to fit it all, we got your back. Our local storage is secured with the most advanced technology and is been monitored 24/7. Your items will be stored in vaults to preserve condition and will be delivered based on your instruction. If any unexpected turns come along the way, and you require more storage time, we guarantee to help you with the unexpected.


Customer Reviews

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So far, as of the move out of 89 Lake Drive the experience is excellent. All items have been wrapped and handled very professionally.

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings

Great Job. My items were packed very well and all my items arrived in great condition. I even use their storage and receive swift delivery.

Customer Rating Rated 5.0 / 5.0 based on 49 ratings for local and long distance moving service