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A good advice can go a long way Our moving tips

Good Moving ServiceAfter years of experience, our professionals know what can go wrong and more importantly- they've learned just what it takes to make it right…

These are a few of their suggestions-

-Keep it organized- it may not come as a surprise, and yet, during the process and the long to-do list, many will start to try and rush the packing, without completing it as plan. You should always keep in mind that you will soon need to unpack and in order to complete both tasks successfully we recommend you stay organized throughout the process.

-Stay alert- be prepared- so many elements are involved in a moving process. Try to have every document, every list and even estimate or a note in one place. This might come handy in more than one occasion during your moving process.

-don't be shy- after choosing your moving company, their knowledge and attentiveness can go a long way! They would love to advice you, answer questions and learn in advance about future obstacles that may rise.

-Start early- the more time you have, the more efficient the process can be. Start by dividing all those items, cloth, furniture and other things you will probably not use. You can donate, throw away and most importantly not carry unnecessary packages to your new location.

-packing strategy- its recommended to have a packing method, which will make it easier for you to finish the packing process quick and complete the unpacking process even quicker. We recommend that you pack each box tightly- load the heavier items on the bottom. Separate breakable items so your movers will know where the more sensitive boxes are. To protect all those breakables you can use packing material, and make newspaper your last option…

-Not too heavy- Make sure your packed boxes will not weigh more than 30 lbs. it can make a great difference and protect your items all the way to your new location.

-Labels- your label method should be consistent. Add a clear label in every side of the box and maybe carry a list of inventory that will specify the items that are in each labeled box. Use packing tape to seal the boxes

-wires- during our years of experience we see many clients who don't address this element and in many cases it will create a hassle in the new location- know your wires. It's recommended to bundle all wires with their components. Many even suggest taking photos of the connections or add a label. That will make it much easier to put everything in place in your new home.

-Team work-if you are a family relocating, the excitement is rising in each of you and it might be helpful to delegate tasks and have a plan ready for everybody at the date of your move.

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