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Moving Advice

Ready to move

Ready To Move ServiceWhen you are getting ready to move, do not leave your packing for the last minute. There are things you can do to help make your move easier for you.

Start by only using boxes that are strong and sturdy. Look at the bottom of your boxes to see if they have a seal. The information on this seal is the strength of the box. You want boxes that say 32 etc, the standard used for most moving boxes. Get several rolls of packing tape for taping the boxes.

Make things easier for yourself by having the right materials for doing your packing. Have strong boxes, tape in a dispenser, bubble wrap and packing paper. Buy everything before you start so once you get started, a shortage of supplies does not stop you.

Make it Easier

Make It Easier ServiceOne thing that will make it much easier for you to unpack after your move is to start by packing a box with only the contents of one room. Label the room on the box so when you move, it can be delivered directly to the correct destination.

Do not pack your boxes too heavily. If you have a lot of books, pack them into smaller boxes. If you have some very fragile items, you can provide extra padding by packing the box into a larger box.

Fully Pack

Fully Pack ServiceBe sure to fully pack a box and to label it if the contents are fragile. If you under pack a box, boxes placed on top of it could crust it and damage the contents. And you, of course, want your fragile items handled with special care.

Do not skip on the quality of your packing boxes. Old boxes that have been used and reused can easily split open, particularly the flaps on the bottom. Do not take chances with your precious belongings, you can achieve safety by buying sturdy new packing boxes.

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