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Moving FAQ

If you are thinking about moving your business is there a best time?

Business moves relocate completely around your current business cycle. We recommend move on the weekend so that it doesn’t affect your business

We have delicate inventory and as well as machinery are you comfortable with this situation?

This is the A1A moving service difference we have over 30 years of experience dealing with the most delicate of all moves. Our team of professional movers us all the latest moving technology equipment to make sure that your move is handled with the greatest of all care.

Do you have a system to keep all our inventory organized?

Yes we do… our inventory tracking system is a bar coded system allowing the customer to know exactly what is located in each box. Not only are all boxes items labels with our A1A moving service stickers we keep a running inventory of everything in the box.

Can I get my boxes from you?

Great news is yes! We offer a wide variety of moving and packing supplies and will quote your next move with the supplies.

I understand that you will pack for us?

Yes this is one of our most popular services. Leave it all up to us. Our professional moving team will show up and pack all your life belongings.

Does your storage facility accessible to us?

Short and long-term storage is provided for any size moves. Our state of art storage facility is secure and safe, with 24-hour surveillance and monitoring system. The facilities are water and fire proof, and climate controlled. Can you accommodate long distance moves out of state. A1A moving service moves all points in the US, and special arrangement will be made before the move to meet your schedule. We provide standard deliveries (within 21 business days from the day of the pick up) and express delivery’s (next day to three days from the time of the pick up). The price for each delivery service is based upon the size of the move, the distance and the necessary delivery time period.

Who do you use to provide insurance for my business move?

A1A moving service works to make sure that all your articles are properly insured during the move. Additional insurance can always be purchased.

What steps do you use to protect marble or carpet floor?

We provide protection to floors when necessary. We have a special wood protector that we lay down on the floor while moving your goods in and out of the building. This protection holds a lot of weight and guarantees to leave no marks on the floors. Please remind your moving consultant of your floor protection needs before the move.

Will your team dissemble and reassemble our fixtures and furniture?

Our talented team will assemble and reassemble any of your office needs. Some times we will make the recommendation not disassemble based on a variety of reasons.

Our office is filled with cubicles can you move them?

Cubicle moving requires a special skill to disassemble and reassemble. Great news is that we have handled all types of different cubicle configurations. While additional charges may apply our talented team can move your teams and their office spaces.

Unpacking service?

This is one of our most popular services. Many A1A moving service clients sign up for this service so that you can enjoy the area quicker. Not only does this help you get back on your feet quicker but also we take the recycled boxes away giving you the feeling of a fresh start.

Do you determine cost on number of trucks or size?

We determine our moves on cubic feet and helps us evaluate the cost. Amiran’s moving specialist will help you with you necessary moving needs. The number of movers and trucks necessary for a move is determined by the size of the move, evaluated by the cubic feet and weight of inventory. A1A moving service’s moving specialist will advise you on how many movers they recommend for your size move.

We have several locations – Can you help with the coordination?

At A1A moving service our moving specialist will go over all the details regarding any aspects of your move. While this may be complicated move for most moving companies our moving specialist will coordinate all moving teams so that you business can move with the greatest of ease.

Do you provide a last minute moves?

Yes, A1A moving service provides last minute moves.

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