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Expedited Moving Service

Expedited MovingLife is full of surprises. Just when you thought everything was clear and familiar, comes an offer, a new opportunity arrives, or a situation that summons some special and immediate requirements.Expediated Service Services

Whatever the reason may be, any relocation requires a lot of strength, resources, focus and work.

We A1A Van Lines operate a fleet of trucks and trailers every week between States, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida calling it the East Coast Run.

We at A1A Van Lines operate our own fleet and can accommodate any service between those states and back, having our drivers/trucks/trailer we are able to perform expedited runs between the states mention above.

We at A1A Van Lines provide our customers with a unique expedited moving service that can complete your moving process in the quickest way possible! Whether you choose our 2 days moving service or 3 days long distance moving service, with our faster moving service, you know you have one thing you do not have to worry about.

Thanks to our special expedited moving service, we can provide a much faster moving service which ensures 2 days moving service or 3 days long distance moving service.

We know that you need us on time; we’ll do it on time! We take all actions necessary in order to meet your requirements and ensure that our expedited moving service is done with professionalism, rigor and completeness just like our regular moving services.

Not all moving companies can accommodate the requests of such expedited moving service. It requires the suitable personnel, experienced team and availability to provide the full range of supplementary services on time.

Our expedited moving service will provide you with the option to choose between 2 days moving service or 3 days long distance moving service. Due to the nature of a faster moving service, our expedited moving service will not spare or skip any detail of the complete and comprehensive moving process and from the moment you contact us till the arrival at the new location we will guide you and assist in every way possible. A1A Van Lines is proud to offer its customers with the meticulous faster moving service that includes full and faster moving service, availability of all services and information, pick-up and delivery, packing service, representative who will accompany and guide you throughout the moving process and ensure that everything will be on time.

A1A Van Lines will be proud to execute your move, because every new beginning deserves nothing but the best.

(Additional fees may apply check with our professional relocation consultants)

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