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FlatRate Moving

You're in the search for a moving company. You come across an interesting add online with a very attractive price. You call, they give you the price, and you set a date. That was quick… maybe too quick!

When the moving day arrives many surprises are expected. The movers might not be as trained as they are required to be, their tools might not suit your moving needs and like in many cases, they most likely will come up with a completely different price from that attractive price that made you hire them for the job.

With A1A it will never happened!

Flat Rate Service

When you choose us as to be your movers we are providing a flat rate moving service!

We consider it essential to begin with a visit to your house, apartment or office to assess your move. That's the only way for us, as your residential movers to get an accurate estimate of how much your move will cost. A1A is a flat rate moving company and we will not compromise and will not skip any step towards a successful moving process.
It is important to go through all the locations details and let the estimator know about any factors at the old and new place.

When we explore each item, furniture and space we take everything into consideration and assuring you the estimate you receive will be the one and final rate you receive. With all the details we receive from you, and only after we have all those specific details we need, including the mileage we will need to drive, only than we will present you with the final rate and the moving process can begin on a successful note.

A1A is a flat rate moving company that offers a lot more than its basic flat rate moving service. If you wish we can help you add more predictable and successful steps, from our packing services, to our unpacking services, to cleaning, storage and many more. We understand how many elements and tasks any move involve and we want to help you with as many steps as possible, assuring a quick, stress free move with our most experienced professionals.

When you choose A1A as your moving company, you know exactly what to expect!

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