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Storage Service

Storage ServiceFor many reasons it is highly recommended to choose a moving company that also offers storage service. It can make the moving process quicker, smooth and much more secure.

If you have ever used a storage service, you probably learned how much of a difference the choice of your storage area and maintenance is.

A1A offers an exclusive storage service and we made sure every element was taking into consideration. We have short term storage, long term storage, privet storage and also a commercial storage with the answers to all your business needs.

After many years of learning the needs of our clients, we believe a full service must include both moving and storage service and the correlation between the two must be handled in a meticulous way.

Our storage service embodies several options of short and long term storage, commercial storage and private storage facilities for you to choose at your convenience, ensuring your appliances and goods, fixtures, furniture and etc. are secured and kept in the ultimate suitable environment.

We make sure your stored items are protected! Our storage services include a Climate-controlled storage which is very important in order to maintain your movables in their current situation. It provides the ideal protection from severe hot or cold weather that can easily damage your belongings.

A1A will adjust each area to your storage needs. Our professionals will work with you and explore the details, assuring your privacy, making it accessible only to you. We will offer our short or long term storage and based on your choice' a convenient storage area will be chosen. For private or commercial storage a suitable storage area will be carefully chosen as well. Our storage area is secure and our team is maintaining a controlled environment that minimizes risk of mold, bacteria overgrowth, items cracking, splitting, yellowing or corrosion, mice, termites and other vermin.

Unlike most moving and storage companies, A1A will include coverage of any damage that occurs to the storage building itself. We offer an additional insurance for minimal monthly fee that is combined with your rental fee for one easy payment and it is highly recommended.

The rates of the fee for our long term storage and short term storage depend upon your shipment size. Our highly maintained storage areas are spread throughout the country with a variety of long term storage and short term storage such as-
Mini storage/ Warehouse storage/ Document storage/ Wine storage/ Art storage /Secure, clean well-lit, temperature controlled facilities.

When you choose A1A as your moving company, you know exactly what to expect!

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