So, you have decided to relocate, chosen a new property, and are all set to embark on this new adventure. However, there is the demanding task of packing lying ahead of you before the move actually begins. Organizing all the stuff into boxes can be an exhausting chore, but it also gives you the opportunity to sort through everything you have and discard the stuff that you longer use. When you are trying to adapt to your new house, it is always best to view it as a fresh start and get rid of the clutter accordingly. Even if you are a hoarder, de-cluttering your house prior to moving can be surprisingly easy with the following measures.

Start Early

Whether you are moving within a week or a month, the sooner you start planning it, the less stressful it is likely to be.  Start by getting high-quality moving boxes in Miami from A1A Movers, and label them – “sell, “keep”, and “give away”. Instead of doing all the rooms simultaneously, focus on only one room at a time and go through all its cupboards, drawers, and shelves.

Know What to Get Rid Of

When de-cluttering your house, ask yourself if you really need the items that you have been hoarding for years. According to one of the best moving companies in Miami – A1A Movers, the thumb rule is to discard anything that has not been used in the last on year. If there is an item that’s beyond repair or no longer serves any purpose, do not take them to your new house. You can also donate the items that you do not use anymore to a charity.

Some of the items that you shouldn’t consider taking along with you to your new house are:

  • Broken or worn out items
  • Things past their expiration dates
  • Shoes and clothes you won’t wear again
  • Forgotten items lying in the storage rooms

Be Consistent

When it comes to following the de-clutter checklist, it is important that you do not lose your focus. The way you approach the task of de-cluttering the house decides how much time you will be able to save on the moving day. So, keep yourself motivated and don’t put off this vital task until a later time. If you need any help with packing your belongings, A1A Movers – the best Florida family movers are just a call away!

Have some tips for de-cluttering before moving house? Let us know in the comments section!