Moving long distance is no wonder an overwhelming event. While packing up a household of belongings and transferring them to a new home is always a pain, doing it across state lines—perhaps thousands of miles—only adds to your stress. When your goods are going to be on a truck for up to several weeks— perhaps even transported into storage or onto another truck—it’s even more important to make sure the moving company handling everything is trustworthy and reliable.

Miami long distance movers typically charge based on the cubic feet of your shipment—in other words, the space it will take up on the truck and the distance you are traveling. They may also calculate the cost based on the weight of your items. It’s important to ask about costs when receiving your estimate, and to always get an in-house quote so the movers can get a good look at everything you need moved.

Any mover that operates across state lines is required by the FMCSA to register for a US DOT number. While comparing quotes from different long distance movers, do not forget to ask for their DOT number so that you can verify it on the FMSCA website. This number allows the agency to regulate the company and ensure they are meeting standards set by the government.

Before choosing any company for hire, you want to ensure they are trustworthy and reputable. There are many unprofessional moving companies out there waiting to scam unsuspecting customers with unethical business practices. Conducting a thorough background check on any company you are considering for hire will help you choose a reliable mover to safely transport your goods.

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